Luchador, Mexican Wrestling Dice, bringing wrestling back to board games


Wrestling board games are unfortunately a rarity in todays board game landscape.

While we have a fair few different wrestling video games to choose from, albeit very little, the board game department is particularly baron.

However, Luchador, Mexican wrestling dice, intends to fertilise the baron landscape.

Luchador, Mexican Wrestling Dice

Luchador, Mexican Wrestling Dice. Photo: Aaron Renfree

The game starts with both players choosing a wrestler card. Each wrestler has a set of finishing moves, each with a number next to them, indicating the amount of damage that they give an opponent.

Wrestler cards also include special abilities and weaknesses for each wrestler for advanced games.

The game starts with players rolling four dice each. Each side of the dice has an action.

Players then line up their dice and compare their results. This allows players to block, counter, pin or attack their opponents. This adds a sense of random nature to the game, which is always welcomed to remove monotony.

Following this, players roll an attack dice to work out how much damage they can impact on their opponent. This ranges from a weak backhand chop, to throwing your opponent through a table, causing them a ton of damage.

Players can also sacrifice attacks for the chance to hit a finishing manoeuvre.

Finishers can inflict an opponent with a huge amount of damage, more so than any other basic attack. However, finisher can be missed and dice rolls wasted, or even botched, causing wrestlers to become injured, and thus lose a dice for the following round.

This addition of risk reward gameplay is incredibly entertaining. Many times games have been lost, or won, due to a wrestler attempting a powerful finishing manoeuvre.

The game is won by players either knocking out, or pinning their opponent.

I’ve only ever played two wrestling board games before, which really describes the unfortunate lack of such games on the market place. Apart from a WWE DVD monopoly game, Luchador is the only game of its kind.

And this is where Luchador shines. It doesn’t want to make you a manager or a millionaire, it wants you to live what you see on TV, what you watch wrestling for, the wrestling itself.

Luchador, Mexican Wrestling Dice is an amazing game, and if you ever get a chance to play it, I can guarantee that it will roll away many hours of your life.


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